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I gave you guys an update on some of the ball a new server gear that we’ve had arriving for the new office including a powerful Xeon based storage server the plants which I’ve actually already kind of revised and our new two-thousand-dollar 12 port 10 gaming network switch. But today we’re going to kick things up a notch with a custom-built store Inator Mass Storage Server from 45 drives. It features over 100 terabytes of high-speed storage so strap in guys because just going to be good Intel’s new 750 series SSD is utilizing the NBME standard provides speeds never before seen on consumer storage drives.

Learn more so the problem we’re trying to overcome here seems straightforward on the surface how to store all our data but when you go out in the real world and see entire video production houses running off of USB and Thunderbolt external drives or coming up with long-term archival solutions like right the dates on the sides of the drives. And put them on a shelf in the bathroom completely exposed to dust moisture and accidents as if this was that VHS home video dark ages it suggests that we’ve been asking maybe the wrong questions all this time because it’s not about storage it’s about accessibility the number of times. We’ve gone to do our review of some exciting new next-gen product and God maybe I’ll grab some full quality footage of its predecessor from our old video for comparison which are it’s on the archive shelve isn’t it guess I’ll do what we always do in download the old video.

Then slice it up in crappy quality happens more, I’d like to say and obviously that’s not a solution that makes sense as Linus media group continues to scale the amount and quality of footage that we are storing S45 the middle of the road model but we chose that sits in between the more quiet SN be optimized 30 drive version and the monster excel 60 drive version in the front you’ll find 3 120 millimeter cooling fans to push air through our drives with a custom Linus media group logo painted onto the graphite powder. Coated chassis on top then behind those three rows of 15 slots that give us the 45 drive capacity further toward the back we find another – 120 millimeter fence that will pull air through the drives and then the system hardware chamber that exists only to power the other two-thirds of the case. Overall it strikes an unusual balance between being objectively professional grade with all the core components and Intel 2. 1 gigahertz six-core xeon CPU a hundred and twenty eight gigs of Kingston ECC ddr3 ram super micro motherboard a two plus one fully redundant 700 watt power supply 3 16 port SAS controller cards from Ellis I and an Intel x 540 10 gigabit network card are from brands with reliability reputations. Ranging from excellent to legendary and can it has a small custom system builder or DIY feel to it that comes from things like the blue LED lit vandal switch at the back that’s used to power the unit on the flat cable manage but obviously off-the-shelf Molech splitters that provide power to up to 45 drives at a time the fairly rudimentary pc builder tool.

On their site and the general simplicity of the enclosure design that other than the fixed backplane something that I really prefer compared to just loose cables as a smaller operator who’s going to tinker with these machines vs. checking one of the hundreds of them in my data center out if there’s some kind of an issue. It looks like something that could be made in a pretty normal fabrication shop cool machine but of course that’s not what you guys are here to see the store.

Inator isn’t the star of the show today it’s more of an enabler so after installing freeness a FreeBSD based storage operating system with native ZFS support that you can learn. It was finally time to break out The hard drives now a while Seagate sounded like I punched him in the gut when I told them that I needed 27 drives for this project they also understood that if you’re actually serious about having fast reliable network access to your 4k footage for a number of operators at a time you need a lot of drives and they have to be high performance so many drives in fact that they won’t even fit in one master carton shipping box. So once we figured out how many 27 the next step was to determine which model of DR we would be using honestly for most people and small businesses for that matter nothing more hardcore than a NASCAR driver would be required they’re rated for twenty-four seven operation they offer reasonable if not earth shattering performance.

Certainly more than a gigabit network connection would require they go up to four terabytes that gives you 24 terabytes of storage with a couple of discs redundancy and they can be obtained for under forty dollars U.S. per terabyte they’re like the city bus of hard drives but this is like this tech tip.

I ride around in a 747 instead sorry anyway because we have more than just hand cam Blog footage to deal with these days sometimes even sponsored projects for customers where data loss is not an option we opted for Seagate’s enterprise capacity drives unlike their Nassau or even enterprise nazz drives which are rated for the adverse conditions and vibration associated with up to eight or 16 bay drive enclosures respectively the enterprise capacity drives feature exotic interfaces up to 12 gigabit per second SAS big capacities up to six terabytes per DR. Top of the line performance 10 times the work load rating of their desktop drive counterparts at 550 terabytes per year and they do all of this while managing external vibrations so you can pack it in as tight as you can pack and pretty much which I guess means it’s time to start talking about how that went so to start things off I went with nine drives in a ZFS to configuration. This gives me just shy of eighty percent storage efficiency with two of my drives dedicated to redundancy I used one of my to SSD raid array clients that are both on the same 10 gigabit network and achieved read and write speeds in the 300-plus megabyte per second range not too shabby what I mean I wasn’t really sure what to expect at this point expanding is the FS storage server is both simple and kind of complicated as long as you have the same number of the same capacity city of drives it’s extremely fast and basically a few button presses to get her up and running but don’t get your hopes up about simply adding a tenth drive to an existing nine drive array.

You can do with the hardware raid card it just doesn’t work that way unfortunately the good news is that adding another set of drives should yield a significant improvement in performance since it’s effectively striping data across the two sets unfortunately that wasn’t my experience I saw the same numbers as before so after soldiering on and adding my third set of nine drives for a total of twenty-seven. And over 100 terabytes of storage and then realizing that the performance needle still hadn’t budged I figured it was time to throw another client at the problem so with two clients to SSD based gigabit clients excuse me 10 gigabit clients copying 20 gigabytes of data concurrently speeds were effectively doubled.

I got perfect scaling indicating that both drive speed and the speed of the network card in our store Inator are not bottlenecks but unfortunately I don’t have any more 10 gigabit clients at the moment so this victory and discovery also means that we are done for the time being until we move into the new office where I can give it to aggregated network connections for 20 gigabit per second total free radical speeds and then hammer this thing with half a dozen clients.

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